Craft resources

A question we get often: where to buy craft supplies in Prague?
Here are a few ideas, this is in no means an exhaustive list and we are not affiliated with those shops…  Just places we visit occasionaly:

– Filium,  located at the lower level of shopping center Palladium, metro Namesti Republiky

– Kotva, top floor, metro Namesti Republiky
– Stryk & Chic, Milady Horákové 84, Praha 7, stop tram Korunovační
– Fashion Martina, tram stop U pruhonu (tram lines 12, 14)
– Galanterie (Haberdashery), Spalena street, tram Narodni Trida (tram lines 9, 18, 22)
– Marlen, tram Narodni Divadlo (tram lines 9, 18, 22)
Most of the yarn is behing the counter but if you ask nicely they let you have a look. Also sells interesting silks and other fabrics.
– Flex Tex, Jateční 31, Praha 7
Cheap fabrics and haberdashery
– Latky Mraz, fabrics, Savazka 34, Praha 2

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